Bringing YOU the finest ingredients
from around the world

British owned and based, A&E Connock is the independent supplier of natural ingredients to the personal care and cosmetic industries and has an unparalleled reputation for service and value.

For over 40 years we have sourced the finest ingredients from around the world, supplying a wide variety of clients from large multinational companies to boutique brands, all over the globe.

Our independence from the conventional supply network means we can provide the ingredients you need quickly and efficiently, irrespective of their source or your location. It is also your guarantee of service and accountability – a commitment to customer care upon which our family run company has built its reputation.

Today, our ranges of responsibly sourced and quality assured ingredients cover more than 4,000 lines, including Natural Extracts, Vegetable Oils and Butters, Essential Oils, Jojoba Derivatives, Exfoliants and many others including Olive Squalane and Honey.

As well as one of the most extensive ranges of natural ingredients in the world our other ingredient groups include Perfume Compounds, Silicones, UV Absorbers, Esters and Waxes. In short, we offer a wealth of experience and an array of ingredients which will enhance the appeal and performance of your products today and into the future.

Quality Assurance

All product batches are subjected to a formal quality evaluation by our newly expanded Quality Assurance laboratory prior to being granted approval for stock and sale. Analytical results are cross-checked against specification parameters and batch samples are retained and catalogued to ensure traceability.

In addition to our well-proven sourcing and our environmentally controlled storage facilities, our continual investment in quality control is further reassurance that all the ingredients we supply are pure, genuine and of the quality you expect.